Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Short History of Animation Films

In the life of the people need to enjoy entertainment once, one of the interesting entertainment that can be enjoyed in the animated film. To drive is to infuse life into something boring or without life. Animation film breathes life into painted or sketched characters. Heroines and heroes that are not real life movie stars or animals and birds.

Animated film involves a series of quick screen image to provide the illusion of movement. This is the type of optical illusion of movement. This phenomenon is known as vision persistence.

Effects animation began long time ago, and there is no new invention in the film world. In the cave paintings in the Old Stone Age the animals that have many feet in a position superimposed in the effort to capture the movement. On the flip book in 1800 when it became popular by rapidly thumbing through the book a special visitor gets the impression of movement. However, it is not until the debut of the animated film film film that really bring off. No one person can be credited as the creator of animated films. There are some who are involved in several projects.

Georges Méliès was the first to dabble with the special effects in animated films using the technique. He accidentally found that it - the stop-motion animation, when the camera was damaged. He shoots bus. But when he still camera that horses come in the net results and the bus is changed to horse! J. Stuart Blackton come to combine techniques and hand-drawn stop-motion animation for the first time at the end of the 20th century. Blackton is often referred to as the first successful animator.

French artist emile film Cohl's hand painted cartoon strip Fantasmagorie name in 1908. Film depicted a stick and move other objects such as meeting a bottle of wine to be turned into flowers. Sometimes the hand of the animator enters. Each frame has been compiled on paper, then in each round is to give the film a negative effect board. Thus it can be said that Fantasmagorie is the first animated film to make its debut.

Artists soon began to experiment more. Is one of the newspaper cartoonist Winsor McCay started working with the team. He came to produce some films are listed as Little Nemo and Gertie the Dinosaur. In the 1910 `s animated film cartoons start rule the scene. Techniques that came to known as cel-animation.

Other methods of stop-motion-animation, clay-animation (using clay figures), cutout-animation (using paper and cloth), silhouette-animation, graphics, animation, model-animation, object animation and puppet-animation. In human pixilation stop motion is used in the role. This allows for effects such as Surreal and disappearances display. The latest computer animation techniques, including various types of techniques.

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