Monday, August 24, 2009

A Look at Some Popular Disney Characters

No matter what age the child or their favorite character, there must be something to be said for Disney's magic and some great characters they have created. In many ways, Disney makes money from the storytelling, and is easily seen in some of the characters who sang and danced their way into our hearts.

When a look at the various Disney characters out there, there are so many to choose from. One of the Disney princess icons out there must be Ariel, the mermaid who fell in love with a royal prince and handed down to follow on the ground. Wonderful music score, and his own mermaid determined, sweet, and really adorable.

Disney Princess others that many people will recognize the strong-willed vision Jasmine, who appeared in Disney's Aladdin. Jasmine is a princess through and through forbidden by her father to marry with anyone save a prince. Although Aladdin sure the performers, Jasmine beaming his scenes with a combination of fast and elegant with grace.

Of course, Disney has more than girls to offer their enthusiastic audiences. What about pirates? There are no pirates who can match Jack Sparrow, captain of the Black Pearl, if she sailed into port in wet raft or take in the East India Company. Johnny Depp brings a lot of charisma and charm of this character, and performance is one who loves his fans.

Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia is a cute character who tells us that the Disney heroes can come in any age and any size. He is quite small when I first met with the world outside the closet, but that did not stop him from standing beside the brothers with courage in the face of the White Witch. He continues to be the Queen of Narnia in her own right, ruled with Peter, Edmund, and Susan from Cair Paravel.

Another highlight of Disney characters Peter Pan, the boy who will never grow up. He lived in the land of Neverland where children who have fallen from their prams over, and he was the leader of the Lost Boys. We first met him when he took Wendy, John and Michael Darling to fly away from their bedroom window and join him in a life of adventure.

It's hard to talk about Peter Pan without speaking of the arch-nemesis pirate Captain Hook. When Peter cut off Hook's hand and fed to the crocodiles, he won the Hook's eternal wrath, and the hook has come up with many plans to capture and kill the second, The Lost Boys and their leader, who ultimately did not lead in the final and decisive meeting.

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