Friday, June 22, 2012

Oscar's Oasis Animated Cartoon World Disney

Oscar's Oasis is a is non-verbal animated cartoon produced by TeamTO and Tuba Entertainment in association with Cake Entertainment based on the original show broadcast on Disney Channel Asia.[1] It started as a series of 1-2 minute shorts under the title Ooohhh Asis. Oscar's Oasis can be viewed on the Nintendo 3DS in 3D. In the United States, some episodes can be seen on Netflix Streaming. In Latin America and Brazil, the Spanish and Portuguese dub airs on Cartoon Network Latin America.

Oscar is a lizard living in a non-specific desert that has features from several different real deserts, like the Sahara, Kalahari Desert, and North American deserts. An asphalt concrete highway runs through the area, used from time to time by various cargo trucks. Oscar is generally searching for food or water; he sometimes discovers liquid, in bottles or elsewhere, but is usually frustrated from recovering it for drink. An oasis supplies the only fresh water in the area, but its thick population of irascible and hungry alligators renders it inaccessible. At considerable personal risk lizard is a delicacy for chickens, Oscar occasionally manages to steal an egg from a nearby hen coop, and he sometimes explores one of the piles of trash that litter the parched landscape. 

Popy, a fennec fox; Buck, a vulture; and Harchi, a hyena, inhabit a derelict school bus situated on a neighboring hill, but they mostly race about on a cast-off warehouse or grocery cart powered by Harchi and directed by Popy. Like Oscar, the trio constantly search for food and water — often competing with him, sometimes abusing him as a means, but occasionally cooperating with him when it suits their purpose. The main characters often find themselves falling off cliffs a la Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner, wherein the law of gravity is briefly suspended while the character comes to realize his imminent doom.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Larva Cartoon Animation Image Movie

Larva cartoon animation is an animation that tells 2 MAGGOT in a ditch in a town whose name is unknown (?). Strange bin Magic, Magical bin EDAN, both these maggots have intelligence and can perform day-to-day human activities, it is too .. Appeared in various episodes of his sometimes shaped like toilet cleaners and maggot females. In terms of the female grubs they can love him to death (love die!). In terms of toilet cleaners friends, they can receive help or eaten by piranha teeth crocodile intervene intervene intervene shark maggots eating animals. There was a very smelly flies up can make both poor maggot vomiting (HOEKK). The most EDAN, no snail shells which when removed, muscular body like Vin Diesel. Including, one can remove maggots his spirit from his body only with stones stumble after getting out of the outhouse!!.

When people in the animation business think of Korean animation, odds are they may have in mind a show that was animated in Korea but originated someplace else. Korea has for years been a major production source of animation content for studios and broadcast networks all over the world. But more and more, Korea is emerging as a creator of original content as well. Take into consideration this funny cartoon that came our way. It was showcased in the Forums by Skynet, AN's webmaster. It's called 'Larva' and is an ongoing series of short cartoons featuring two little bugs who are never at a loss for comedy as they scavenge for the next bit of refuse to dine upon. Produced by Tuba Entertainment and Synergy Media, here's a look at Larva. For more episodes to view, follow this link to the Forums.
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