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The Vampire Anime

The Vampire Anime
The movie Twilight, Goth fashion, teen cliques, teen angst and internet access added up to a sucky scare at one of New England's oldest high schools, Boston Latin. Last week students began emailing news outlets claiming there were vampires at their school, that students had been bitten and that the police were called into investigate.

The release of box office vampire smash Twilight on DVD may have added to the teen-vs-teen unease. But really, this whole incident points out the holes in today's educational system. Any student who had read Dracula, or even Interview with the Vampire, or seen a traditional vampire movie--would know that teen vampires would not be attending classes. They'd be home schooled after dark.

The Anime Pictures

The Anime Pictures
Anime an abbreviated Japanese pronunciation of "animation", pronounced in Japanese, but typically pronounced is animation in Japan. The rest of the world regards anime as "Japanese animation". Anime originated about 1917. Anime, like manga, is extremely popular in Japan and well known throughout the world. Distributors can release anime via television broadcasts, directly to video, or theatrically, as well as online.

Both hand-drawn and computer animated anime exist. It is used in television series, films, video, video games, commercials, and internet-based releases, and represents most, if not all, genres of fiction.

Body proportions emulated in anime come from proportions of the human body. The height of the head is considered as the base unit of proportion. Head heights can vary as long as the remainder of the body remains proportional. Most anime characters are about seven to eight heads tall, and extreme heights are set around nine heads tall.

Variations to proportion can be modded. Super deformed characters feature a non-proportionally small body compared to the head. Sometimes specific body parts, like legs, are shortened or elongated for added emphasis. Mostly super deformed characters are two to four heads tall. Some anime works like Crayon Shin-chan completely disregard these proportions. It is enough such that it resembles a Western cartoon. For exaggeration, certain body features are increased in proportion.

The American Dad

The American Dad
American Dad! is a satirical American animated series owned by Underdog Productions and Fuzzy Door Productions and produced in association with 20th Century Fox Television.

It was created by Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, as well as two former Family Guy writers, Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman. The pilot episode aired in the United States on Fox on February 6, 2005, thirty minutes after the end of Super Bowl XXXIX; the regular series began May 1, 2005, after the season premiere of Family Guy. American Dad! follows the events of CIA agent Stan Smith and his family.

Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures

Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is a fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by the Norwegian computer video game developer company Funcom for PCs. The game launched at 11 p.m. (GMT) on May 17, 2008 in a limited way, being available to those who had pre-ordered the game and registered for early access. The full release of the game for North America was May 20, 2008 and for Europe May 23, 2008 for the PC version. Although originally announced as being available for the Xbox 360, the console version is at least a year behind schedule.

Hyborian Adventures is the first installment in the planned Age of Conan series. Age of Conan itself takes place within the continent of the Hyborian kingdoms, a year after the events depicted in Robert E. Howard's Conan novel, The Hour of the Dragon. Hyborian Adventures' release celebrated the 76th anniversary of the Conan franchise.

Characters in Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures are created on a user account on a particular online server. Characters created on one server cannot be played on another. Players create characters which function as their virtual avatars in the online world of Hyboria. When creating a character in Age of Conan, the player may choose from three playable races. The character is one of four archetypes (in bold) and one of three class selections for each archetype.

101 Dalmatians The Series

101 Dalmatians The Series
101 Dalmatians: The Series is a 1997 animated television series produced by The Walt Disney Company, and based on the classic 1961 Disney animated feature One Hundred and One Dalmatians and its 1996 live-action remake.

The main characters in the series are Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly and Spot. Lucky is the most adventurous of the 99 puppies. He is unique in having his only spots in the shape of a horseshoe on his back. Cadpig is the runt of the litter. She is the smallest of the 99 puppies but quite possibly the most intelligent. She is unique in having long floppy ears and a big head. Rolly is the greedy one. Almost all his decisions are based on food and this, at times, gets him and the pups into trouble. He is, however, a loyal and helpful sibling. Spot is a chicken who wants to become a Dalmatian. She is the voice of commonsense for the foursome but, more often than not, is ignored. She is easily frightened and is prone to literally bounce off the walls. She is, however, a good dancer (which has to count for something according to her) and appears to be good at math.

The main villains, as described above, are Cruella de Vil and her henchmen, Horace and Jasper. As said above, she is now a corporate criminal and most of her plans revolve around getting richer, tormenting the Dalmatians and stealing the Dearly Farm. Horace and Jasper are usually hired to perform her plans, usually failing. Other characters are Roger Dearly, Anita Dearly, Nanny, Pongo and Perdita, Scorch, Vindella de Vil and the entire de Vil family.

The Hundred Dalmatians

The Hundred Dalmatians
The Hundred and One Dalmatians, or the Great Dog Robbery is a 1956 children's novel by Dodie Smith. The plot revolves around a woman who steals 97 dalmatian puppies in order to make a fur coat out of them. The protagonists of the novel are three adult dalmatians who set out to rescue their own puppies and wind up rescuing the whole lot. (The hundred-and-first dalmatian is part of a subplot unrelated to the puppy-snatching, and plays only a small part in the story.)

In the novel, after being invited to a dinner party by the Dearly couple, where Cruella de Vil expresses her dislike for animals, the family's new Dalmatian puppies disappear. The Dearly dogs are added to 82 puppies who are kidnapped or legally purchased from various owners, all of which have been gathered with the intent of skinning them for their fur, to make a coat. Through a fellowship of animals and the "Twilight Barking," the dogs are identified as being in Suffolk, and a rescue ensues.

The novel was made into a Disney animated film in 1961, under the title One Hundred and One Dalmatians. In the animated film the four adult dalmatians were merged into two characters, with Missis renamed "Perdita" and the original Perdita and Prince omitted entirely. There is only one Nanny, who in personality and appearance resembles Nanny Cook. Patch and Lucky are present, but the Cadpig is not by name, though she is included in the Disney Channel TV series. Mr. Dearly, here named Roger Radcliffe, is a musician and composer, rather than a financial wizard like in the book. Saul Baddun is renamed Horace, and Cruella appears to be single. The villains discover the Dalmatians have stowed away on the moving truck, leading to a climactic car chase.

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cartoon dog

The American love of dogs is expressed nowhere better than in the cartoons. Since cartoons were first drawn dogs have featured in them. Dogs in the cartoons express something very fundamental about the popular American psyche.Long before films made cartoons universal dogs appeared in the cartoon strips that newspapers ran. That is where the cartoon dog first began to develop its characteristic

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cartoon car

If you love to draw, need to draw something for someone, or are just plain bored and want to learn how to draw cartoon cars, well you have come to the right place.cartoon carMany people take drawing to be an incredibly difficult task, but in reality drawing is an awesome past time and when broken down into the right steps, can seem easy. Cartoon cars are incredibly easy and fun to draw, don't let

cartoon family

These are some of cartoon family images here:cartoon familycartoon family

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Cartoon house

These are some collections about Cartoon house pictures. It's so funny pics.Cartoon houseCartoon house

how to draw a cartoon frog

Drawing cartoon frogs: some fun facts before starting sketching!- Some frogs don't have a tongue at all.- Usually, a frog will live around 6 to 12 years.- Frogs don't drink. They rather absorb water through their skin.How about drawing some frogs! This amphibian is well-known for his big eyeballs and his strong back legs.Frogs are very often represent with a green skin but they can be brown, blue

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cartoon cow drawings

Drawing cartoon cows: some fun facts before starting sketching!- A cow can sleep standing on its feet.- The stomach of the cow is divided in four separate sections.- A dairy cow can produce, each day, around 100 to 130 lbs of saliva.cartoon cow drawingsBefore drawing some cows, let's take a look at the anatomy of this very well-known animal.The muzzle of the cow is a little flat and not very long

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classic cartoons

Well I would like to talk about growing up during the 90s and watching the most kick ass cartoons in history.I absolutely loved my childhood, but I think now I'm older I feel very lucky I had the chance to watch cartoons from the 80s. They were still airing durings the 90s but were slowly fading away with new ones coming in.classic cartoonsI had so many favourite cartoons, some of which were on a

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cartoon hearts

What would you do if you suddenly find yourself transported to an alien planet of cartoon heart creatures? Yup, a world of heart-shaped cartoon characters—from cartoon-heart people to cartoon-heart puppies—living and breathing just like us Earthlings.It happened to my three friends Bernard Barker, Ralph Barker, Axl Poindexter, and me, last summer.cartoon heartsMy name is Yeri Lee, a.k.a. Yiip! of

funny cartoons

Cartoon is a funny animated series, shown on TV and watched usually by children. Some famous cartoons include Tom and Jerry, Pappy, Spiderman, Batman, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny etc. Television cartoon influences both children’s prosocial and antisocial behaviors as well as their attitudes about race and gender. Normally we see that some Dhaka school children are affected because of the negative

political cartoons

Cartoons, whether in animated or print form, are a part of the daily lives of millions of people throughout the world. They encompass a broad range of subject matter that can be humorous or serious, realistic or fanciful, purely entertaining or bitingly satiric. People of all ages and backgrounds enjoy some form of cartoons.political cartoonsThe greatest political cartoonist of the late 19th

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Yoodly Doodly

Some unprocessed doodles...Will work on them soon!!

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cartoon farm animals

If you like animals and you are searching for cartoon farm animals, then you will discover a geat range of photos and illustrations available in a variety of sources and suitable places online.People and children enjoy looking at pictures of animals due to their wide appeal and their wonderful characteristics. If you are interested in animals, it's possible to locate a wide variety of cartoon

christmas cartoons

In case you missed the news it is Christmas time. And so you are either reading this Pre-Christmas ('oh the anticipation...') or Post-Christmas ('Oh the turkey...'). Either way here are some festive Santa Cartoons to keep you all amused by that master of the improbable, the one, the only, cartoon genius extraordinaire - Dr Nick D Kim. Feel free to get excited. Laugh uproarously or give large

cartoon frogs

One Froggy Evening is an approximately seven-minute long Technicolor animated short film written by Michael Maltese and directed by Chuck Jones. The short was released on December 31, 1955 as part of Warner Brothers' Merrie Melodies series of cartoons.cartoon frogsSome critics and observers regard this cartoon short as the finest ever made. Steven Spielberg, in the PBS Chuck Jones biography

ghetto cartoons

These are some of ghetto cartoons images:ghetto cartoonsghetto cartoons

cartoon characters

Have you ever wondered how some cartoon characters became so famous - with hundreds or thousands of merchandise bearing their names and images? Remove the ones with animated series out of the equation since they have a marketing medium - and you still have a handful of characters out there who became famous through the merit of their designs. Examples are Julius the Monkey and Emily the

hot cartoons

These are some of hot cartoons images:hot cartoonshot cartoons

create your own cartoon character

GoAnimate, an online animation stories creator that allow you create our own stories through online animation options and custom design capabilities. This online animation stories creator is developed based on Adobe flex.create your own cartoon characterTo create your carton animation online, you can start select one of GoAnimate’s template designs that available or either design from scratch.

cartoon donkey

These are some pictures of cartoon donkey:cartoon donkeycartoon donkey

cartoon monkey

I've known a lot of cartoon monkeys, and I want to talk about two of them. I have my reasons.cartoon monkeyAbove you see Blip, cartoon monkey sidekick of Space Ghost. I am made at times to watch Space Ghost (no, Space Ghost Coast to Coast is not acceptable to the six-year-old, who does not appreciate irony), and I find myself really digging on Blip. Blip's awesome, y'all. I can't really

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The Ninja Gaiden Ayane

The Ninja Gaiden Ayane
Ayane, one of the main characters from the hit Xbox action/adventure game, Ninja gaiden , (created by Team Ninja, the skilled gamesmiths behind Dead or Alive), are now available as scale soft vinyl statues! Both characters are faithfully captured in dynamic poses, with detailed costumes that expertly replicate the in-game world. Each figure comes pre-painted and ready to display. Window box packaging.

Ayane is a young female ninja. She is a subordinate and spy of Murai, and refers to Ryu Hayabusa as 'Master Ryu'. Throughout a major portion of Ryu's mission, Ayane assists him from the shadows, gathering information for him by the art of espionage.
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