Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Finding Nemo Trivia And History

Animated film is a movie that many children enjoy. One of the favorite movies of children is finding nemo. The film Finding Nemo has many popular characters including, Marlin the Clownfish, his son Nemo, Dory the Tang fish, and the character of the aquarium, Gill, Bloat, Peach, gurgle, Bubbles, Deb, and Jacques. This is the award-winning movie that most kids and adults loved. Some parents would have to go through endless repetition, 'can we see more' of their children. Finding Nemo's popularity is somewhat surprising because it is meant to be a children's show, but many adults also love it. Especially because the display content related to family, without a lot of crude humor.

Just as there are few films that need to be resolved conflicts. In this little Nemo, raised solely by her father since her mother died was captured by human divers. Marlin immediately continue the search to find her son, who brought the whole sea and let him be a lot of problems. It also made many new friends and help to overcome his fear Marlin Nemo letting experience the outside world.

Finding Nemo set a record for highest opening weekend for the best-selling cartoons. Although the record did not last long is a big problem for Pixar Animation Studios who created the Disney movie and released it. Finding Nemo is a computer animated cartoon, which means no live-action characters but not like the cartoon better. All the films made with computer graphics and the actors who provide voices.

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