Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cool Street Fighter 2

The movie grabs your attention right from the start to give you the experience as though you are playing games and watching the characters really come to life on screen. Street Fighter 2 will make you addicted to the end that you consider how they have taken and expanded into the game very interesting storyline.

Street Fighter 2 The Movie was developed in the Animation Manga style animation by the company. Animation is a popular Japanese animation style that redefined animation on many levels. Most popular Mange or Animation films are full of great martial arts action and detail. Movies included in this category. You will be amazed at how advanced the graphics are in this film considering that it was created in 1994.

Street Fighter Fans have been correct to say that this film is animated hands down the best rendition of Street Fighter ever made. The graphics and plot are much more interesting than the live-action film is disappointing many fans. If there's one film that gets it right, then let it be animated version in 1994. Purchase this film will add most value to your own film library.

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