Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coraline - A Dark Animated Treat in 3D - The Movie Review

In the holidays many families who spend the holiday watching the animated cartoon film. One of the animated movie that many people preferred age range is from the film Coraline. Coraline film directed by Henry Se lick, who is also writing a scenario based on the same book by Neil Gasman. Neil German's most famous for the comic book series "The Sandman" but more recently has written a number of fiction books for adults and children. Among them is "Ananias Boys", "United States of God," and "The Book grave."

When the original book that this film is based on the exit, I read it. It was an interesting read, but I thought it was a little predictable and not so frightening. May be due to adolescents. When I heard that they make a movie out of it, and I still want to see because I'm a big fan of Neil Gasman work. So I avoided the media hype as much as I can and I do not see any of the trailers.

I also really like the animated film. It's a great media for making eyeglasses. I am especially a fan of Pixel Studios and Guardsman.

The story follows the adventure of Coraline Jones, who at the beginning of the film, is moved to a new apartment with her parents. Under the same apartment in the house are two aging actresses, Miss S pink and Miss imposed (and their dog.) In the attic of the house is Mr. Bobolink, train the mouse to perform in the circus. Coraline's parents are busy and spend more time tells him not to disrupt them. Feeling ignored, Coraline roam the house and found a mysterious door that leads to a kind of parallel world is a set of alternative parents in this life other parents seem to love him more than the actual parents, until ...

The thing that I found disappointing about the book, and is also a problem in this film is quite simple. Someone who has read Alice in Wonderland will begin drawing the inevitable comparison, fair and Alice in Wonderland more menacing, bizarre, and suspenseful. In addition, there is a kind of sweetness and wholesomeness that does not allow you to believe that Coraline can really lose.

Here's what I liked:

The movie was shot in 3D and I love 3D movies to see this in 3D is very interesting. Many times through the film, people in the audience say "wow!" and "goo!" They do a very good job this.

This extraordinary and creepy film with a lot of creepiness. There are mice, needles, giant insects, creepy old well, and other things. The "other mother" to become more horrifying in the end.

They animation encouraging the media One reason I like to see the animated film, is that they can do something that is not possible in live action movie (although it may be more with computer graphics.).

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