Saturday, June 13, 2009

The X Men Mutant Powers Pictures

The X Men Mutant Powers Pictures
Stryker sees all mutants as tools, even his own mutant son, and while we met an older Stryker in X2: X-Men United, here we see him first turn Logan into a living weapon as director of the Weapon X project. Huston actually had some competition for this role -- Liev Schreiber wanted to play it before he landed the Sabretooth role, and Brian Cox, who played the character in X2, wanted to come back and play it again, using computer imagery to make him appear much younger. Dude, there aren't that many computers in the world. Mutant Powers: None, although his mutant son can alter perceptions of reality, making us believe that he will eventually look like Brian Cox.

The best he could do was Chris Molkoy and me, Chris Mundell. What mutant powers do Chris and I bring to the table? Well, it’s usually not polite to ask, in Mutant culture, but I’ll oblige you since you are likely just ignorant non-mutant humans and don’t know any better. I have developed the ability to throw a Frisbee with my ridiculously long toes and Chris Molkoy can breakdance real good. I know, freakshow.

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