Monday, March 23, 2009

Shinichi Kudo Pictures

Shinichi Kudo Pictures
Shinichi Kudo, high school detective from the east
Name: Shinichi Kudo

Date of Birth: 4th of May
Blood Type: B
* Known as: The High School Detective From the East, The Sherlock Holmes of the 90's, The Savier of the Tokyo Police.
* Address: 21/2 Beika Street. * School: Tei Tan High School * Class: Year 2 of class B (in high school) * Father: Yusaku Kudo * Mother: Yukiko Kudo * Hobbies: soccer, deductions, and Sherlock Holmes stories. * Favourite Food: lemon juice? * Hate: rasin * Favourite Colour: Red * Worst at: Singing. (he has a certain knowledge of music, just can't sing.) * Appearences: o File 1 of Volume 1 and Episode 1. o File 2-7 of Volume 10 and Episode 48, 49. o File 4-7 of Volume 21 and Episode 162. o File 2-7 of Volume 26 and Episode 190-193.
* The Criminals who he still hasn't captured yet: Tsuki... (he comitted suicide before Conan captured him) , Kaito KID (still at large. He is the altimate challange of detectives) * Famous Quot: "There's only one truth." "If to capture a criminal will cause more death. Then there's no difference between the detective and the criminal himself." * He was drugged by the Gin and Vodka from a secret organisation, and now living as Conan Edogawa. He tries to find the people who poisoned him and take them to justice. The only clue he has are: the people from the organisation all wear black clothes, they all have a code that corresponds to a type of alchole and the drug used was called APTX4869.

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