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Inuyasha Wallpapers

Inuyasha Wallpapers
InuYasha sword is also known as the Sword of Calamity, this katana is wielded by InuYasha him self. This sword is of a regular katana looks but in the anime series it means alot to the defense of InuYasha. This sword is made from 440 Stainless Steel, has a black scabbard with a red ring at the top. The handle is wrap with brown nylon string. The guard on the InuYasha katana is made from stainless steel. InuYasha sword is a must for all the InuYasha Fans.

InuYasha Sword Specifications:
Overall Length: 39"
Handle Length: 12"
Blade Length: 27"
Scabbard Mateiral: Wood with Red Ring
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Guard: Metal
InuYasha sword Tessaiga has so many qualities and people all over the globe know about it, every one like to keep the sword with such powers and those who want to have this InuYasha sword contact us because we sell it.

InuYasha Sword Info:
InuYasha is not any type of sword but he is a famous anime character which has got famous all over the world. This animated movie of InuYasha Sword was originated from Japan. For the past three years, each December has marked the release of a new Inuyasha feature film. The first two, Inuyasha: The Love that Transcends Time and Inuyasha: The Castle beyond the Looking Glass, were enjoyable but suffered from being little more than high-budget filler. The new Inuyasha: the Sword of World Conquest is a far more adventurous then the previous releases and it focuses more on characters. Seeking in the history of the movie we get to know that InuYasha’s father Inu no Taishou was an extraordinarily powerful demon that carried three swords of immense power. Before dying, he entrusted two of these swords to his sons. Inuyasha received Tessaiga, a weapon with the power to protect man, and Sesshoumaru received Tenseiga, a blade capable of saving a hundred lives with a single swing. However, the third sword, Sou’unga, was an incredibly evil weapon capable of opening the gates of hell. In order to protect the world from its wicked powers, it was sealed away. Now, two hundred years later, Sou’unga has returned and fallen into the wrong hands. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru set off to destroy their father's third sword. The protagonist, InuYasha is a hanyo, - half-human, half-demon. His half-brother, Sesshomaru, is a yokai, a full demon. The inheritance of Tenseiga rather than the more destructive Tessaiga leaves Sesshomaru bitter and he ponders why his father leaves him with the more passive of the two swords. InuYasha sword Tessaiga made from one the fangs of his deceased father. Tessaiga has four attacks:

* Kaze no Kizu (Wounds of Wind): Special attack that can kill 100 demons with one strike. InuYasha learned it by himself while fighting Sesshoumaru.
* Bakuryūha (Explosive Flowing Wave): Tessaiga's ultimate attack, caused by trapping the enemy's spirit in the Kaze no Kizu & making it flow the opposite way. InuYasha learnt this attack while fighting with a giant dragon that even InuYasha's father was unable to defeat completely. This attack known as "Backlash Wave" in the English anime.
* Kongosoha (Diamond Spear Wave): It is known as the "Adamant Barrage" in the English anime.
* Ryūrin: that allows the Tessaiga to absorb a demon’s energy. It can absorb limited amount of energy, if InuYasha were to absorb too much energy than the blades were to turn black and it would cause him great pain.

Tessaiga has five forms:

* Rusty Tessaiga: Tessaiga's basic form. It has no special power at all. InuYasha can't transform it into any of its other forms when he is in his human form.
* Transformed Tessaiga: When wielded by a hanyo, Tessaiga transforms into a larger version of itself, roughly resembling a large falchion.

* Red Tessaiga: InuYasha got an orb that, when cut, gave Tessaiga the power to break any yokai barrier.
* Diamond Tessaiga: InuYasha got the ability of turning Tessaiga into diamond.
* Dragon-scaled Tessaiga: The Tessaiga has gained the ability to absorb yokai energy. The blade looks like the regular Tessaiga except it has a few dragon-scales on the non-sharp side of the blade.

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