Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Final Fantasy III Wallpaper

The Final Fantasy III Wallpaper
In the original iteration of Final Fantasy 3, all of your characters were blank, nameless templates, which could then be customized as you progressed through the game. Your heroes are finally given names - Luneth, Arc, Refia and Ignus - as well as their own unique

designs, giving some identity to characters that previously had none. The story has also been greatly expanded, even in the short E3 demo. Instead of simply stumbling into a cave, your crew is send to check it out by the townsfolk, and you’re given free reign to walk around town before you enter the first dungeon.The entire game is now 3D, and despite some blocky textures, looks pretty decent for a DS game. The super deformed characters seem like a cross between Crystal Chronicles and Final Fantasy 9. Battles are your traditional Final Fantasy fare, utilizing the turn based system of old. Characters simply take a step forward and swat at air while block text pops up indicating

Advertisement damage, showing that the game is still conscious of its roots. Although there was no character customization, the original Famicom game let you choose and switch classes throughout the game, and is basically a precursor to the Job system in Final Fantasy 5 and Tactics.

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