Monday, October 10, 2011

Colombiana Movie Pictures

Colombiana Movie Pictures
In Bogota, Colombia, Cataleya's father, Fabio, is having a meeting with Don Luis, a drug lord, to pay off his remaining debt and leave his employment. Fabio, however, knows that Don Luis will put a hit out on him for leaving with a valuable item that he holds and Don Luis wants. Fabio rushes home and warns Alicia, his wife, that Marcos, Don Luis's capo, is coming after them. While Alicia packs, Fabio hands Cataleya a business card, which should give her entry to the U.S. embassy, in case she finds herself alone. Fabio hands Cataleya the item that Don Luis wants, telling her not to lose it and to give it to the Ambassador so that she can get a U.S. passport. He also gives Cataleya the address of her uncle in Chicago, who will take care of her. He tells her to "Never forget where (she) came from." Marcos and his thugs arrive at Fabio's residence. Fabio, Alicia, and Cataleya try to escape, but the house is surrounded. Fabio and Alicia have Cataleya sit at the kitchen table and not move no matter what. Cataleya witnesses both her parents gunned down quickly.

Marcos locates Cataleya and tells her that he's a good man and he killed her father because he betrayed Don Luis. Marcos knows that Cataleya knows the whereabouts of the unknown item and says Don Luis will give her whatever she wants if she gets him what he wants. Cataleya stabs Marcos in the hand with a kitchen knife and escapes her house. She runs through the streets of Bogota, pursued by thugs from all directions, and is able to slip away by hiding inside a water sewer. She then uses the business card her father gave her and goes to the Ambassador's office. Cataleya vomits out onto the Ambassador's desk the valuable information Marcos was looking for, which she swallowed while she was sitting at the kitchen table in her house. In exchange for this, they give her a passport, and she takes the first flight to America. At the airport, Department of Social Services guides Cataleya. Cataleya pretends to want to use the bathroom and escapes to take a bus to her uncle, Emilio, in Chicago. The next day, Cataleya and Emilio talk about Cataleya's dreams. Cataleya had at first wanted to be a designer or artist, but, because of her parents' death, Cataleya presents a strange request to Emilio: she wants him to help her become a killer. Emilio says he will help her but looks disturbed and enrolls her in an expensive private school.

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