Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Force Movie Animation Design

Force Movie Animation Design
Force in the film, a man named Yashwardhan has a dedicated team in charge of combating narcotic drug trafficking. Yashwardhan appointed as leader because he has the strength and no weaknesses, he would make a great leader because it has always defended justice.

Of course the enemies aka the villain who has a business in the sale and distribution of illicit drugs Yashwardhan hate. A narcotics boss named Vishnu becomes the greatest enemy Yashwardhan because the network already extensive drug and has many friends and bodyguards. However Yashwardhan is a strong man who does not have a weakness, at least temporarily, until finally Yashwardhan bertemudengan woman named Maya. Maya is a beautiful woman who has a gentle heart and free-spirited. With the Maya, Yashwardhan feel captivated and over time began to arise a sense of affection and eventually fall in love. Yashwardhan as strong as any attempt to hold his affection, he was defeated by the softness and elegance of Maya.

Behind Yashwardhan compassion towards Maya, Vishnujustru assume this as an opportunity. Vishnu finally know the taste of Maya and making Yashwardhan Yashwardhan weakness. Vishnu will continue to fight Yashwardhan, while Yashwardhan will continue to combat the narcotics network. Can Yashwardhan eradicate the entire network of these drugs? Although now he has a weakness, that his affection toward Maya. At least I think action movies with the added romance of this can we take the core and the silver lining, that is as strong and as good as any man who does not have a weakness for subdued and defeated by a woman who has a good heart, gentle, cheerful and make the man hooked up to fall in love. And this is real, we can Serves itself in our lives, that he conquered by a woman, hehehe ....

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