Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quotes Killer Elite Movie

Quotes Killer Elite Movie
In the film Killer Elite, the lessons we can take is when family, friends, teachers and all those who are near us in danger, then naturally, we will save it. Although we never teach anyone about it, but it occurs naturally without any coercion. For example when our children were kidnapped, then we will make every effort whatsoever to save and liberate our children. That's what happens in this film Killer Elite.

Movie Killer Elite is a true story about a rescue that is considered a teacher and family. A former special agent in the UK (SAS: Special Air Service) named Danny Bryce chose to spend his retirement with a relaxed and started a new life of peace. Unfortunately, perhaps because of a previous job as an elite agent, then he must re-take the path of violence after hearing news that his former coach was kidnapped by a group of SAS in the body, called TheFeather Men.

Can Danny with his ex-SAS member group of The Feather Men face this? This is tantamount to their care against SAS soldiers. But in order to save the coach and the people closest to Danny, they are ready to fight. That is what is in the movie Killer Elite, when the people closest to us are in danger, then all the actions we will do, although we also have to face the challenges and obstacles that threaten our lives.

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