Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to Draw Funny Cartoons

First, you need to decide what you want to express through your character, and the message you want them to say. You need to create a living history, or biography of your character, or characters, because it usually will have more than one character in each caption. This will make it easier to attract them with the right attributes and quality.

Next, you must decide their physical characteristics: they are, fat or thin, attractive or strange looking, short or tall, young or old, male, female, animal, or other creatures. Then you need to determine their personality traits: they are, dramatic, serious, happy-go-lucky, sad, rude, or stupid. Next is their social life, and how they interact with other people: they, angry, loving, optimistic, pessimistic, friendly, or rough.

To write a joke for the comic, you can choose the basic formula such as: excessive, indeed play of words, puns, funny signs, misunderstanding, reversing the general situation, like a dog chasing a cat, you can turn into a cat chasing a dog, surprise, anticipation , clich├ęs, talking animals or objects, reaction, or stupidity. You can also overlap this formula, and put two or even more of them in one cartoon.

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