Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Funny Quotes On Your T Shirts

Although it is now common to wear funny T-shirt, which has a funny picture on the clothing itself. But the most popular T shirts are the ones who have a funny quote or phrases in a simple letter. The reason that's funny quotes funny pictures more popular than is anyone who can read simple words funny than someone who tries to see funny pictures and trying to figure out what it stands for or what the picture was actually trying to say.

Even on a particular day many staff will be wearing T-shirts that will be funny quote or saying just to draw attention to the next person. Many adults, especially adults with young children aged between 10-19, will wear funny T-shirt at the weekend. Adults will usually wear T-shirts for some reason, sometimes adults wearing funny T shirt to humiliate their children, and reason number two is to make them cool and hip like their children who are younger.

Chances are that the jerseys will have a quote saying, or funny funny. Men often do this just to get everyone talking and breaking the silence at a party where there will be many strange faces about. If only men are to go out on a night out then there is most likely that people will all be wearing the same shirt and will have something funny written on the shirt. Men do this when going out on a party or meeting to impress the ladies, and want to meet their future partners will or maybe I'm wrong could they do this just a little joke and is on the funny side of things in life.

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