Saturday, February 12, 2011

Famous Funny Cartoon Of Cats

Why cats are celebrities of a different kind. All cats animations have been given their own personality that makes them lovable and at times comical character. Nevertheless, even a cartoon cat has its own fan following and the collection of people around the world want to own.

If you love cats animation, then you will definitely adore the fat orange cat. Do you know who we talking about? Garfield began as a comic strip and then captured hearts when he was brought to life through animation. The beloved and sometimes means Garfield is famous for his laziness, compulsive eating and dieting hate and Monday. Garfield Story usually centered around its relationship with the family dog, Odie, and his owner, Jon.

Tom is another part of the Tom and Jerry. Cat and mouse chase captivates listeners with timeless Tom to catch Jerry. However, one also realizes that the two can not live without each other and share a real friendship.

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