Saturday, July 14, 2012

Marsha and The Bear Cartoon World Animation

In the Russian language, Masha (Маша) is a diminutive of Maria. It has been used as a nickname or as a pet name for women named Maria or Marie. An alternative spelling in the Latin alphabet is "Macha". In Serbo-Croatian and Slovene "Maša" is a diminutive of "Marija" but can be a given name in its own right.

I came across this Russian cartoon called Masha and the Bear. It is an adorable series about a little girl who unintentionally torments her prim and proper friend "The Bear". Although the cartoon is completely in Russian, my daughter loved it. At first, I wasn't completely sure that it was in Russian, so I showed it to the class because Sean speaks Russian at home and I wanted to know for sure. I've now shown two episodes to the class and they also really seem to enjoy it. Her is the link for the Christmas epsiode. I hope you enjoy it!

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