Monday, May 30, 2011

Funny Animated Gif Images | Funny Animated Gif Images

To create your own MySpace Avatars of the computer geek way, then you need a computer with internet connection, movie software like Quicktime or MovieSnapshot and photo editing software that can create layers, like Adobe Photoshop. To create the still images in a movie or AVI file, you must choose a sequence of animation, video or movie trailer. If you have a DVD movie you'd like to make a scene, then you have to rip your DVD into an AVI file using appropriate software.

Then, you have to play the clip, pausing on the image you want to make an avatar out. Some software programs allow you to select "create thumbnail" or "Save Image" or in other cases you have to click on "print screen" on your keyboard and paste in MS Paint to save as a screenshot. Advancing the clip to the next frame and create a still image, and continue doing this for as long as you want the sequence to follow. Then you can open all still images in Photoshop and place each image on its own layer, saving the animation as a GIF file.

For some, the avatars are a good start MySpace anonymous free expression. Not everyone feels comfortable posting their pictures online real. After all, anyone can see. Girls sometimes worry that men are drooling over their photos and some adults fear that their image or identity can be stolen. The last thing we need is an ex-lover of tracking down or incriminating photos to the surface. Instead, why not use the graphics on MySpace to say something about you? Or some people like to create a virtual character on sites like "Meez" select the same eye color, hair color, style of dress and facial features characters that look like "Zwinkies," "The Sims" or " Second Life. "

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