Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cool Gun X Sword Cartoon Anime

Cool Gun X Sword Cartoon Anime
you might complain that this series isn’t much more than a mash-up of all the other shows I liked: the “roaming ronin and spirited girl sidekick” aspect of Samurai Champloo, the “laconic man of action and his busty accomplice” bits of Cowboy Bebop, the “mysteriously powerful mecha” parts of Gundam Wing (and also Space Knight Tekkaman Blade), the “dangerously competent idiot” motif of Trigun….

I have no problem with any of this, because I was looking for EXACTLY something that threw together my favorite elements of those series into a hearty stew. Gunsword*** is that hearty stew. It is also a show that’s more than willing to screw around with its central quest premise, early and often, if it finds a story it is more interested in telling. For instance, the third episode basically puts its lead characters on the backburner to play around with the idea.

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