Friday, January 7, 2011

Hyuuga Hinata Manga Animation Series Art

Hyuuga Hinata is a fictional character from the anime and manga called Naruto by Masashi Kisimoto. Hinata is one of the descendants of the Hyuga clan. He has a brother named Hanabi Hyuuga, and father named Hiashi Hyuuga. Cousin named Neji Hyuuga. Hyuuga Neji Chunnin never fight in the exam takes place.

Hinata has the status souke the Hyuuga clan. He was a noble woman who has high self-esteem. Hinata only appears briefly, displayed her beautiful hair and its natural beauty increasingly mature with her curves are amazing. Beauty outside and inside the more prominent as the increased capacity and status as a Chuunin. He saw Naruto's back, when he was approached even fainting.

When Naruto fighting Pain in Konoha and is being pressed, Hinata come and help Naruto. At that time, forbade Naruto Hinata to help him, at this moment Hinata declare his love for Naruto. Not yet finished on the expression of surprise Naruto love Hinata stated to him, Hinata is attacked by Shinra Tensei Jutsu Pain with and affected by the sword stab hitamnya.Hinata has released all the remaining strength, until he was finally in a state of very sekarat.Naruto then very angry, which ultimately Naruto changing into six half-tailed demon fox.

It is known that very care naruto Hinata this time. Hinata helped her attitude is very different when she helped Sakura. Perhaps, because he already knows the feeling Kunoichi Hyuuga, he could not give priority to Sakura in her life. at 2 the next chapter started out feeling Hinata Sakura on Naruto, which makes it a little disappointed.

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