Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cinema 4D - Refine Your Animation

Once you are comfortable you create simple animation, introduce yourself to the tools that will help you improve your animation. A senior aide to chart a path for your object to follow. Try to use the key. Usually think about something, aircraft, birds, and mythical monster, flying over the earth. In animation we have that there is a great opportunity that the campaign of arrests and evolution rather than flying directly across like an airplane.

Equivalent to your slide to represent this with some curvature might consider covering the area like the Scouts or a falcon may not cover a specific area before moving on. Once defined your path, choose the private aviation object and then choose the menu 'aligned to the key' and you will see a symbol next to the slide of your object. In the Properties tab below, and the development path of the slide, which was established recently in the 'key path' box. Along the line your time, and a keyframe at the beginning of a segment on 'Tag' properties for 0% position. Animation at the end of your (or wherever you want your 'journey' to complete), set the position to 100%, and enter into a keyframe again. The plot of the progress on the road to slide against the time of your movie.

Now in some cases, the object's orientation can become the opposite, depending on the interpretation of Cinema4D in this key for the other objects on the scene. There are many ways to design around this. Once you align the path of one object to another, you can not rotate it away ... Because it is aligned to the new path. You can create an empty object, 'Original' Monster private aviation, and then rotate the original.

The simplest, if the approach is a little odd to redraw the path of the slide back. Start in the face and back to the beginning of your. Set keyframes your progress to travel from end to start. If not reversed, and the 'reverse' will be the correct design and correct your direction.

With the private aviation and object-oriented to the path of your key, you can copy a slide to create a layer with the adjustment of your trip. I would like that the image of the ship rolling, with steep and oblique bars, referred to that option actually a sign that 'the railway track. With the directory path of the second lift and you can expand and increase the distance between the tracks and two special corner as you see any moving object against gravity banking. We see this when flying planes, and we see this in the design of the race track.

The path and guide the second, 'railway' in place, you can tilt the slighly aviation faces as it travels. You see the control buttons a little red tray next to the play period of time. The first allows you to manually set the keyframe. And becomes the second 'keyframing Automatic' and this option will record every change you make. Want to be careful because it will record every change, but it comes in handy, especially in such a situation where you can make minor adjustments along the way, and every one of them recorded on your schedule.

These additional tools to help you refine your animation to give more freedom to your imagination, the tool most of all!

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