Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Animation Master Hates iPad

At present, it seeks to play wherever you go is very popular. Many young people are eager to get the requests of the company. But Hayao Miyazaki, it seeks not only, but the garbage. Mr. and Japanese animation Hayao Miyazaki some bitter remarks about the company's request, resulting in a heated debate.

First of all, you must know what kind of person is Hayao Miyazaki. Named Akira Kurosawa, as in the animation world. He has a very important that no one can replace in the animation industry. Working group's popularity, such as those produced by Disney and DreamWorks. Although the subject of each animation is different, which includes all threads started by a dream and protect the environment, life and survival. Dedication does not make the world's respect for him and all his works, but it also makes the king of animation Disney World to compete for the rights of copyright in the market for distribution sites Nations. This is a great success for the Japanese cartoonist weak.

Therefore, Hayao Miyazaki is Miyazaki. I think you know it is now. Ask what the company around? Nevertheless, I think most people know it, I am willing to provide it for you again. Is released first on the 27.2010 by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple. And requests the company positioned between the iPhone and Apple laptop personal items. As the same as the iPhone 'planning, there are only four buttons in the body. It's simple but powerful. You can use the company's request to browse the Internet, send and receive e-mail, and view e-books, audio or video playing. This was a smart machine hot issues in the digital market.

I talked a lot, and it seems from this point. Let me get down to work. What I want to say is that the great master of animation Hayao Miyazaki hates the request of the company.

Hayao Miyazaki made in the interview if I had a paper and pencil in the Journal of hot air, and important observation about the peak hot YIT. Hot air Hayao Miyazaki own animation production company Studio Ghibli 'monthly magazine for free. He says he has no interest in the device and the scenes that he hates people play YIT in the streets or in the subway. There are a lot of men rushing out to buy the first production series, as in the 1960s, everyone holding a cassette tape collection to show off. He was mocking the requests the new company.

When he told reporters of the people can get the information they want with the help of requests the company wherever they go, Hayao Miyazaki, he replied: "The things that everyone can easily get to no value, but things that you can by yourself can be helpful. So, the master is master, and also indicates that people must work hard instead of relying on modern machine. Finally, they recommend strong: "People should try to become a producer, not a consumer."

Different people have different views on the statements of Miyazaki. Some people think he should not be an insult to the users requests that the company did not use the device. But some men are more what I think is the right of the talks. We should have more power to the creativity and innovation. I do not ask the company, and I totally agree with the idea of a second.

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