Monday, March 15, 2010

Cel-Shaded Animation in a Nutshell

Hand as early as animation will always be attracted. More so now the art of taking a few steps from static images with advanced technologies, computer graphics still look with hand animation to create can return. One key is to get that look animation style cel-shaded animation.

Animation style own name, it is clear how this picture lies in the hand. Clean sheets of the classic Disney Cels acetates past 2 D animation style of the films are made. In short, cel-shaded animation to appear as though they were computer graphics to create hand drawn. This is done through non-photorealistic lighting.

Looks simple but the result is a complex physical process can be. A 3D model, cel-shaded animation to start with revenue flat 2 D animation of discrete colors that will create a unique look. Likewise for comic books, hard black ink can be exposed to the design and contour line image.

Cel-shaded animation, interesting thing, is associated with more popular video games. Whenever a new game will come up, often many gamer geeks and aficionados have to ask about the cel shade quality. To short, cel shaded animation in the first successful application video games with Sega Dreamcast game Jet Set Radio. Not to be outdone, the Sony Playstation released fear effect. Good time for sure.

However, the character first appeared in the quality of criticism has been included. Although these early game was received with dramatic textures, the lack of dynamic lighting - sourcing and design.

With the technical limitations of the first batch of cel - animated video game, a small trend among game developers started brewing. Mushroom game-Cel shaded look like: hypocrites Cooper, Thievius Raccoonus, Dark Chronicle, Cel damage, 2 Klonoa: Lunatea veil is, Viewtiful Joe and Jet Set Radio future course started. What stood out in packs, at least professional, Zelda was the Legend: Wind Waker, Symphonia tales of cunning and 2: Band of Thieves.

The popularity of a game cel - shaded animation unfortunately tried to capitalize on the experience of adverse consequences. Dead III, Microsoft Xbox games for the design into production with assembly of cel shaded graphics - yes, a zombie game to look like one gunner based anime. So with the recipe for a disaster on this strange, SEGA of traditional animation style cel-shaded look for scraps and decided to go. Perhaps the negative reaction was so heavy to ignore.

Although the storm cel-shaded animation video game industry is not taken, it is still a powerful figure, when used properly implemented. Dragon, Galaxy Quest VIII wicked, killer 7 no more heroes, Metal Gear Acid 2, Okami and most recent incarnation of Prince of Persia 3 D animation, like all the anime show or hand - the facility ready. Moreover, when today's handhelds were not as powerful as most games were in cel shading animation. Example Tony Hawk series and Legend of Zelda: Nintendo DS will be on the phantom Hourglass.

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