Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tales of Monkey Island Cartoon Games Series

Tales of Monkey Island Cartoon Games Series
Tales of Monkey Island is a graphic adventure video game developed by Telltale Games in collaboration with LucasArts. The game is the fifth entry in the Monkey Island series, nearly a decade after the previous installment. Developed for Windows and the Wii console, the game was initially distributed online through Telltale's own website and WiiWare, with later releases through Steam and Amazon.com. Tales of Monkey Island was produced as an episodic game, split into five parts released approximately monthly from July to December 2009. In contrast to Telltale's previous episodic adventure games, each chapter forms part of an ongoing narrative as opposed to individual stories. The game was announced in June 2009 alongside LucasArts' enhanced remake of the 1990 title The Secret of Monkey Island; LucasArts oversaw production of the game, assisting in areas such as art direction.

Development of the game was led by Dave Grossman, who co-designed the original two games of the series, with Michael Stemmle contributing to writing and design. Ron Gilbert, the creator of the franchise, was involved in the planning of the project. The game's music was composed by Michael Land, while the core cast of The Curse of Monkey Island reprise their voice acting roles. Tales of Monkey Island puts players in the role of Guybrush Threepwood, a pirate whose latest attempt to destroy his nemesis, the undead pirate LeChuck, results in the release of a voodoo pox across the Gulf of Melange. With the assistance of his wife, Elaine Marley–Threepwood, Guybrush must now seek out a voodoo artifact to cure the pox.

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