Thursday, November 26, 2009

Use of Graphics in Computer Animation

Computer graphics have come long way ahead in terms of technology and creativity. Cartoon animation is one such feature that is being used extensively in website designing. In animation different series of drawings are segregated together in order to create movement. Resolution of vision requires at least 24 frames per second in a particular frame. As far as cartoon animation goes, animators and cartoonists both are required to make them.

Creative aspect

Usage of cartoon characters online for company or product promotion makes a special impact on the site visitor. It adds element of interest, humor and attractiveness to a website. Cartoonists are people who are responsible for using graphics in developing cartoon characters and inserting the right expressions on their faces. After that animators use specialized graphic software tools to animate them. Based on a particular storyline, cartoon characters are created and movement is given as per the story. Usually these cartoon animations have a particular theme behind them with a strike of fun added to them.

Themes in cartoon animations should be concrete and appeal to the visitors. Cartoons are given life through animation, it is indeed challenging job. Putting right kind of emotion and expression in cartoon characters require deep thinking, power of visualization and knowledge.

Animated cartoons are in sequential order with humor in it based on the storyline. Use of language can be there or not there, it depends on your target audience and whether you want to use a specific language or not. Cartoons are far ahead of any regional constraints. Many advanced computer software are available in the market which are used by animators and cartoonists to create wide range of animations used in online games, commercial uses, online presentations, cartoon movies, etc.

Types of computer animation

Cartoon animation can be constructed in two different formats- 2D and 3D computer graphical design. The different resolutions used in their making gives diversified optical illusion of motion to the onlooker.

Development of 2D cartoon animation is done on computer screen or paper with the help of 2D vector graphics or bitmap. Techniques like morphing, twining, blurring and interpolation are used in 2D graphics which are initially drawn on X-Y coordinate. PowerPoint and Macromedia Flash are widely used software tools for creating 2D animations.

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