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Aries Sion Saint Seiya Manga Anime

Aries Sion Saint Seiya Manga Anime
Aries Sion (Ariesu no Shion?) is a fictional character from the manga series, Saint Seiya, authored by Masami Kurumada, later adapted to anime. Sion is the original Grand Pope of Sanctuary, as well as one of the remaining survivors of the Holy War from the 1700s. He also served as the master of Aries Mu, who would eventually inherit the Gold Cloth of Aries from him.

He is a close friend of Libra Dohko, the only survivor of the last generation of saints together with Sion, and the master of Aries Mu. As a former Gold Saint, Sion has fully mastered the 7th sense, what gave him great power and the ability to move at the speed of light. Sion is among the most powerful of Athena's Gold Saints. Sion is naturally gifted with great psychic powers that allow him to have great control over telekinesis, telepathy and even teleportation. He is also able to make and heal holy armors using stardust, a role that was always reserved to those of Lemuria.

Sion can create a transparent, glass-like barrier between himself and an object called Crystal Wall ( kurisutaru wōru?) The wall is very durable, and has been shown to shield against everything from normal cosmos attacks to poison scent. The strength of the wall is dependent on Sion's cosmos level. The shield not only protects Sion but repel any form of attacks with the same power against his opponents. Saint Seiya Lost Canvas (non canon) also shown Sion using the Crystal Wall to creat a defensive barrier with the form of a cube.

His offensive technique is Stardust Revolution ( sutādasuto reboryūshon?), in which Sion burns his Cosmo energy to create a universe thus summoning stardust from stars and galaxies that throws innumerable blows instantly. It's well known that the attack has force of shooting stars and comets and obliterates an enemy with raw cosmos power.

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