Sunday, April 24, 2011

Phantom Cartoon Funny Manga Series

Phantom Cartoon Funny Manga Series
The Phantom is the 21st in a line of crimefighters that originated in 1536, when the father of British sailor Christopher Walker was killed during a pirate attack. Swearing an oath to fight evil on the skull of his father's murderer, Christopher started the legacy of the Phantom that would be passed from father to son, leaving people to give the mysterious figure nicknames such as "The Ghost Who Walks", The Man Who Cannot Die and Guardian of the Eastern Dark, believing him to be immortal.

New Phantom stories are also published in comic books in different parts of the world, among them by Dynamite Entertainment in USA; Egmont in Sweden, Norway and Finland; and Frew Publications in Australia. The Phantom was the first fictional hero to wear the skintight costume that has become a hallmark of comic book superheroes, and the first depicted wearing a mask with no visible pupils, another superhero standard.

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