Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Funny Cartoon Families in Modern America

When I ask myself instantly reminded of The Simpsons. Other ideas that come to mind is The Family Guy family and some from South Park, like Stan. Let's take a stroll through the classic depiction of suburban life in the 21st century and see what they say about us today. They are actually more telling than anyone will know from the first sight. No one will be able to forget Bart rebels, a symbol of every little child who just wants to have fun - and not doing his homework. But their families as a whole cartoon is very broad and even. For example, Bart with Lisa balances out to be, hardworking saxophone-playing do-gooder. And crack Homer up antics as a contrast plant nuclear endearingly lazy employee to his wife, Marge consciousness as a whole family.

Then with The Family Guy we again see some similar dynamics. For example, Peter's father is much like Homer, without so annoying. And he also has believed his wife Lois. The kids are a little weird though. I do not really get what happened with their older child. And finally with South Park we saw some funny stereotypes of American families play out. From the white trash family of Kenny, in which his mother always wore her "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt for Stan Jewish family, all of the above so that it is difficult to be offended. There are many funny cartoon family at play here.

But what does all this say about us? Well, because they are caricatures they really highlight the many silly things that we think is right every day. But the Simpsons in particular, there is always a kind of moment that lifted at the end of the episode. It all ties together so well that you almost accept our imperfections as charming. So be it. We are not God after all.

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