Monday, August 9, 2010

Wall Disney Princess Cartoon Design

Wall Disney Princess Cartoon Design
The perfect place to practice a waltz, not to mention trying on all those glass slippers. If you are creating a chair rail with paint, paint that first. Mark five sections with a pencil across the wall 1/3 high. Tape a string at one end of the wall and overly it on the pencil marks stretching it horizontally to the other end of the wall and tape. Stand back and visual review the string line to make sure it's straight. Adjust line if necessary. Using the string as a guide, align painters tape across the wall. Repeat the instructions 3 inches below the tape line.

Then use the Disney Princess Stencil from Imperial in CINDERELLAS BALL GOWN to create the pattern within the rectangles. To do so mark, mark the center of the panels, paint one stencil length. Then, depending on available space, add full or partial stencil lengths on either side of the center stencil. Add one stencil on top and below the center stencil.

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