Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ganesha Cartoon Movie Design Animation

Ganesha Cartoon Movie Design Animation
The story of Lord Ganesh, the elephant-faced god of success and destroyer of obstacles is full of interest and appeal to the young. The anecdotes connected with this god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth are vividly animated in this video. Find out how Vinayaka, as he is called, came to have an elephant-head. You will learn that it is an outcome of his devotion to mother Parvati. Ganesh learns in another episode that he should harm no living creature. Parvati teaches him this moral when he plays with an ant. A great lesson for kids. Another interesting story is about Kroncha, who becomes the vehicle of Ganesh in the form of a sage is finally brought to his sense by Ganesh.

Another interesting story is about the formation of the river Cauvery with the help of Lord Ganesh. Learn how Kashi became the holy of Lord Ganesh. Learn how Kashi became the holy city after the killing of Durasana. Find out how Ganesh tests and blesses a mother and her daughter who are his devotees. The beautifully animated anecdotes of Lord Ganesh will captivate kids and make them learn many excellent values.

India and Hinduism had an impact on many countries of East and South Asia as a result of commercial and cultural contacts. Ganesha is one of many Hindu deities who reached foreign lands as a result. The worship of Ganesha by Hindus outside of India shows regional variation. The acceptance of Hindu ideas in ancient times still continue today in world religions.

Ganesha was a deity particularly worshipped by traders and merchants, who went out of India for commercial ventures. The period from approximately the tenth century onwards was marked by the development of new networks of exchange, the formation of trade guilds, and a resurgence of money circulation, and it was during this time that Ganesha became the principal deity associated with traders. The earliest inscription where Ganesha is invoked before any other deity is by the merchant community.

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