Monday, January 4, 2010

Create Free Lookalike Cartoon Avatars of Yourself

Generally even with the anonymity behind the computer screen, people tend to want to be recognized as an individual. This has created the need for avatars to represent the individual from the masses either at a forum or during personal one to one chat basis. Avatars are an online user's representative of him or herself. Avatars are little icons that give yourself a little more personality when you are chatting on the instant messenger. There are also animated and static avatars.

Popular instant messenger services like Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger has popularized the use of avatars and smilies. Other services allow for talking avatars during video conferencing. The instant messengers and chatrooms usually have 2-D avatars while 3-D avatars are commonly found in video games. Certain social networking sites like the MySpace profile uses many animated avatars.

Avatars are the visual representations of people who currently inhabit the virtual environment. When people use certain avatars at the forums, they serve the purpose personalizing their thoughts and actions while giving a hint to their personality, characteristics, social status and other details. At forums or chatrooms, usually the facial part with certain animated expressions is enough to convey a message. In video games, especially those online role playing games, the avatars are more sophisticated and three dimensional so the players can have a feel of the environment and the effects of its own action in the game.

To be sure that it is fun to create personal avatars for one self. Some websites provide extensive varieties for the specific look such as hair length whether straight or perm and its colors, skin tones, the shape of the eyes and colors, modern and chic wardrobe and even accessories like handbags, shoes and headdress. There are websites online that can help you make avatars that are both lifelike and animated. You can actually upload your own photo onto the avatar to give it an even more personal look. Within minutes you can create a representation of yourself or others on the screen and the avatars can be downloaded for your use at forums, chatrooms or elsewhere.

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