Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Animation Career

If you're interested in getting into the movie special effects industry, an animation career could be one of the best options. As you already know, computers have become indispensable in filmmaking these days. Even for movies that don't have any kind of special effects in the script, a lot of behind the scenes special effects work is still done which is never detected by the audience. In fact, some of the best special effects are those that are not detectable on screen as "special effects". That's a real tribute to the ingenuity of the gurus of movie magic.

Removing unwanted objects from the background, introducing new backgrounds into a scene, placing live characters into realistic-looking computer-generated sets and a host of other filmmaking techniques are routinely used these days that people watching the movie are never aware of. Most of this work is done by animation experts using sophisticated 3D animation software like Maya or 3DS Max. The level of realism that can be achieved using these software packages is truly phenomenal. Nowadays, filmmakers rely so much on animation to bring their scripts to life on the movie screen. So an animation career can really take you into the very heart of the filmmaking process.

If you have basic drawing skills, you can pick up animation with a little effort. The wonderful thing about these 3D animation software packages is that they are available free of cost for people to download and use, legally. The companies that create these software packages offer trial versions that are fully-functional packages that work for 30 days. People wanting to learn these tools can download these software programs and learn them without having to pay for the software. There are excellent resources on the web, like video tutorials on YouTube for instance, which help beginners master the art of 3D animation without much effort. So if an animation career is what you're interested in, download one of the latest software packages for free and learn to use the package by watching some of the video tutorials on YouTube.

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