Sunday, September 13, 2009


Batman is one of many animated films in like little kids around the world. Released on Blu-Ray and DVD in July 2008, Batman: Gotham Knight is a series of sketches loosely connected from caped crusader as a prequel to the movie, The Dark Knight. Straight-to-DVD animated Batman investigate the relationship with Gotham City and each vignette shows a different aspect of the city associated with the need for a savior.

Although both The Dark Knight and Batman: Gotham Knight can be seen as a stand alone film, when viewed as a continuum, some answers are revealed. For example, in the movie, The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne's question whether he could continue as Batman. But in Batman: Gotham Knight, we already know the answer because the segment "Working Through Pain" shows us why Batman continues.

In addition, Batman: Gotham Knight was also introduced Officer Anna Ramirez and full belief that his boss, James Gordon, affords him. We know that he played an important role in The Dark Knight. We are also introduced to the mafia Sal Maroni. He is less known villains from Batman's early years, but given a greater role in both films.

Although the animation for each segment made by various studios, when viewed as a whole, the majority of Japanese animation anime-ish. Probably done as a matter of style and because of increases in the popularity of anime, the execution could have been better. In one segment, the fully mature adult Bruce Wayne seemed to hesitate very young, because he would be in late teens. Not a major flaw, but the young Bruce Wayne's appearance can be distracting. Please note that the anime-style that works in time. In some scenes, sharp, sharp corner of the image is added to the dark Gotham characters around.

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