Saturday, February 9, 2008

Animal Cartoons

This is a cartoon of Tommy,my grandmas' pet dog.Every-time we visit our native place,tommy is always the first one to greet us and keeps us entertained by his funny antics all through the day.Funnily, all these years we had around four to five Tommy doggies(all of them with their signature black furry coat) back in Karnataka...all offsprings of the previous "Tommy"...they all had the same name...so we had a new Tommy everytime we went to my grandmas' place.But this time there was no Tommy :( so i made this cartoon in his memory.

I had the neighbours' brown dog to keep me company this time.He is very cute and is always hungry.I made lots of animal cartoons while i was in my native place....most of them are inspired(some literally copied)from the Tinkle comic books.I simply love the illustrations in the Tinkle comics especially the ones by Archana Amberkar, Savio Mascarenhas and Ram Waeerkar.

This tiger cartoon is one of my favourites.

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